Frequently Asked Questions

What is content and the content budget?

What is content?

We consider ‘Content’ to be the written words on your website.

The amount of content given in any listing is the current overall word count for that site.

If we add more content to the site this number will increase. So will the purchase price of the site.

What type of content is it?

We aim to create helpful written and visual content that is designed to be found in 2 different ways. Primarily online as a search query, or alternatively, via a recommended post on some social media channel.

It must be educational, friendly and useful content about a specific topic. The content understands the topic and the users intent, then proceed to help the user get exactly what they want.

What is a content budget?

A content budget is what we set-up when we first start building a website.

This budget is used up over time. We spend the money on the initial base content and the remainder over time as ongoing content.

The amount showing in any listing – is the amount of (unused) content budget.

Does it come with the site?

Yes, the content budget does transfer to the new owner. However, it’s not redeemable as cash nor is it a discount of the overall price.

We will work with the new owner to create the best value content (within the budget) and help them publish it on the site after purchase.

What you do get is – fresh new content – on your site shortly after purchase. This will help increase your chances of success.

The Conditions

  • You must use our writing service
  • The content budget is allocated in 1000 words increments
  • The cost per word depends on the amount of content you order in any single batch
  • Prices range from $0.11c – $0.15c per word. (Prices at January 2023)
  • Any remaining amount is forfeited if the amount is to small to complete a 1000 word article. (Currently: $150.00) Or you can make up the difference.

If you want to continue with our content services you are most welcome. See our other services here

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