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eCommerce Concept: Home Office Products and Accessories

working from home

Industry: Home/Garden

This is an excellent opportunity for those interested in creating an online business, and start building upon a good range of products in your store. The website is renowned for covering everything from ergonomic chairs and desks to stationery and tech gadgets.

Working from home is an increasing activity in Australia. Google Trends has the search volume for this topic steadily increasing over the previous 12 months. With a solid profit margin and consistent traffic, this website could represent a fantastic chance to step into the thriving home office supplies market.

If you are interested in starting a Home Office Products and Accessories website we can set up your dream business. We build you an e-commerce website filled with Home Office products and create supporting content that offers advice and tips related to Home Office Products and Accessories.

This is a dropshipping-based business. When a customer orders from your website, you would be required to place the order with the supplier and handle customer support questions for this business.

You make money from the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price. Customers pay upfront and you can pay the supplier with the customer’s money.

This is a concept site and is not currently built. Build time can take 4-6 weeks. You get to customise the business to your exact specifications.

Important to Note: This site makes no money and will not succeed without significant effort by the buyer after the sale. This site is a good starting point, but you will still need to invest significantly more time and/or money to get an income you can live on. You should have at least a 2-5 year time horizon and a $20K-$50K budget to invest during this time. We can give you a detailed road map to work with depending on your circumstances as part of the final sale. Marketing, creating content, and building industry relationships are the highest costs. In most cases, these costs can be your time. See our services here if you need help running your website or as a guide to working out a budget.

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