Develop your business plan

Section 4: Develop Your Brand Identity and Your Vision For Growth

Build a brand and create a dream for others to share

OK! So you now have the idea. The ‘thing’ you’re going to do. Now what? This section is devoted to preparation. Some call it a business plan, but it’s more than that. It’s a strategy and a roadmap.

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  1. S0401 - More In-depth Market Research
  2. S0402 - Explore The Vertical and Your Angle
  3. S0403 - Reason for being (..the Why?)
  4. S0404 - How will your site stand out?
  5. S0405 - Setting up smart goals for growth
  6. S0406 - Define the brand – choose the name and voice
  7. S0407 - Work out a monetisation strategy: short and long term

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