Listing#2020 – [Private] Promotional Product (Site3)

Industry: Promotional Apparel

This website offers custom apparel products to business and consumers. Design, production and delivery. Customer can browse through a full range of apparel that can be custom made. Uniforms, sports wear, team wear, artists design, billboard apparel and more. Customers can have their own designs made on a large range of wearable merchandise.

The site is monetised by a custom drop shipping service then adding a margin. Easy to operate – 1-2 hours a day.

  • Domain name: Branded Matched (
  • Content: 10000 words
  • Site Age: 1 Years old (07/2021)
  • Category: Established Starter Site
  • Content Budget: AUD$3.8K
  • Annual Income: Not Monetised

Offers: Over AUD$10K


The site is currently monetised by display advertising and affiliate programs. Lots of potential for further monetisation including, drop shipping, email marketing and social media.

Post sale support

The site can be further customised to your needs. This is where we can make updates to the site to personalise it your need.

Apart from the basic updates to pages like, contact, about, t&c’s etc.

You can hire us to do further customisation and automations to help improve your business.

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