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Full Sale: We are open to a full sale, with full transfer handed over and 60 days support.


Partner: Or you can partner with us and move to full ownership over an agreed upon earn out period. Usually 1-2 years.

Easy to run online business

We have set up an easy to run web business for you to take over. A business that already has customers and only takes a few hours a day to run. Right now, the purchase price is very affordable.

It’s very easy to get into. Almost anyone can do it. You don’t even need to know much about [x]. You can easily learn it.

Post sale support

The site can be further customised to your needs. This is where we can make updates to the site to personalise it your need.

Apart from the basic updates to pages like, contact, about, t&c’s etc.

You can hire us to do further customisation and automations to help improve your business.

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