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Travelling Lifestyle (RV)

Industry: Travel/Tourism

This website is about a particular travel lifestyle in Australia. Users will find a wealth of information about recreational vehicle travel, and RV travel guides.

The site is monetised by advertising, accommodation booking, and paid affiliate programs.

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  • Content: 25000 words
  • Site Age: 1 Year old (07/2020)

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Important to Note: This site will not succeed without significant effort by the buyer after the sale. This site is a good starting point, but you will still need to invest significantly more time and/or money to get an income you can live on. You should have at least a 2-5 year time horizon and a $20K-$50K budget to invest during this time. We can give you a detailed road map to work with depending on your circumstances as part of the sale. Creating content and building industry relationships are the highest costs. In most cases, these costs can be your time.

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